“I hope they’re not right about the rain tomorrow,” Miss Roz smiles to a stranger.


“I am starting to wonder what the world would be like if people were as curious about other natural phenomena, as they are about the weather.”


“What did Mark Twain say? Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it?”


I have control issues.

I have control issues.

I have control issues.


Here’s how I influence the weather….


I don’t drive.

(license suspended)

I don’t drink bottled water.

(don’t drink any water at all)

I don’t eat vegetables from far away.

(have acute lachanophobia)


so, control isn’t my only issue.

but, the environment,

with its pervasiveness,

necessity,  and joy,

should be one of yours.



death didn’t come

death came to my door early one morning.

grouchy, curious, and barely dressed, i greeted her

taking in her new gucci scarlet shrouds.

she kissed me full on the mouth.

she pressed hard and forced my lip’s cavern.

she inhaled my white gardenia deeply.

confused, i scratched my head.

i smiled, the movement disengaging.

i pulled away and explained her mistake.


“i keep my hair short, so my wigs fit better.”