Three Ate She

Dear Litai,


She’s cunning evil unseen,




She’s Pandora’s box.

She’s Cerberus bitch.

She’s Lucifer light.


She holds no cure.

She offers no remedy.

She answers nothing.


She liquidates.

She incinerates.

She obliterates.








Faith’s Eyes

She knows I’ll kill it.


She has wide set eyes.


Wide set eye women are notoriously slow to react and laid back to a degree you think they are high.


She is a fool….a stupid fool.


And, with a glance, she knows my soul’s truth and the situation’s gravity.


I first think her eyes to be hazel, but they are dirt brown.


Brown eyes are a result of Fascist genes dominating and capitulating all other color expressions. The only hope for something beautiful when brown hangs around is mutation. Freak prettiness.


Stupid and plain.


Yes, I judge her as harshly as I am sure she is judging me as she commands me via eye contact to train my own eyes away from my guilty piss cup.


“May I pray for you while we wait?”


Unnerved, I nod.


She closes her dumb, ugly eyes and opens her previously ignored mouth whispering hope, salvation, and redemption.


She and I transform.


Perhaps, faith is best with her eyes closed not blind.