enchillada kosher salt
gather amorphous shapes
on evening sun warmed glass.
i watch you lick your thumb and
gather it unto you
knowing your mouth’s heat.
“get that away from me.”
you interrupt your story about New Mexico,
succulents, and how your mother did your father
that one time.
and, your abuelita took you away,
“there are somethings a fifth grader should not see.”

Naked Confession

As we lay spent, naked, and intermingled, he confessed.

“For years, I never had a girl friend. And, I had housemates. And, on Friday and Saturday nights, the walls would almost cave in with all their fucking. And, I would be sitting in my room alone. It’s nice to have somebody to love. Especially, someone like –” he garbles his last word as he lightly sucks my hip.

It sounded like he said “Cain,” but I know he said “you.”

Moths to a Flame

“What specifically is a moth ball, and should one be surrounded by so many of them in such a small space?” she ponders.

“Meemaw! Are moth balls related to asbestos?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Oh, no,” she groans.

As her skin begins to crawl and her lungs begin to implode, she finds an unmistakable Tiffany & Co. creme blue box.

Instantly forgetting her brush with death, she opens the ring size package.

She gasps and runs to show her grandmother the unexpected treasure.

Meemaw opens the box, pales, drops it to the counter, and quickly leaves the room without looking at or speaking to her.

Her granddaughter follows her to the hall, where she finds Meemaw weeping soundlessly against the wall nearest the kitchen.

“Caroline, call your-”

She gasps and falls.

She never sees her awake again.

The March

In 1942, under the watch of ole red, white, and blue,

a boy met a girl.

He told her he was leaving and would marry her when he returned.

She was home to him.

In the back of the movie theater with “Bambi” on the screen,

she nods off, to “Love is a Song,” yes.

She is not quite seventeen.

He leaves her with a ring and all of his best intentions.

He fights bravely in a

Battle between winter and the beautiful.

She writes him every day.

He comes home to her.

And, as the chords of the wedding march begin,

and she moves toward him,

He remembers love.

what is the…..



4 inches flacid

be good to her

ear line, linear listener, analytic lyric
Saint Veronica (Spanish)
The most beautiful girl ever and she is very understanding and there for the people she loves. She is trustworthy and very outgoing. You can have a good time with her.

really pretty and always is nice to everyone tries to show everyone the real her and shes shy sometimes

The literal latin translation is true image so she’s always true and loyal, never fake.

the best girl youll meet

beautiful and loyal

The coolest person you will ever meet.

Awesome and gorgeous

i think it means a beautiful person

Amazing and outgoing

Veronica (Portugese)

very smart, and doesn’t think much of herself

cute and smart


dont care what people thinks about her
type of flower
contemplating world domination
saint bernard
hydrogen, helium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, neon, iron, silicon, magnesium and sulfur.