spun floss suicide


i split my wrists

with cotton candy.

the left

opened with a


the right

started with a

safe joke.

i killed myself

with kindness,

and awoke






Naked Confession

As we lay spent, naked, and intermingled, he confessed.

“For years, I never had a girl friend. And, I had housemates. And, on Friday and Saturday nights, the walls would almost cave in with all their fucking. And, I would be sitting in my room alone. It’s nice to have somebody to love. Especially, someone like –” he garbles his last word as he lightly sucks my hip.

It sounded like he said “Cain,” but I know he said “you.”

Moths to a Flame

“What specifically is a moth ball, and should one be surrounded by so many of them in such a small space?” she ponders.

“Meemaw! Are moth balls related to asbestos?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Oh, no,” she groans.

As her skin begins to crawl and her lungs begin to implode, she finds an unmistakable Tiffany & Co. creme blue box.

Instantly forgetting her brush with death, she opens the ring size package.

She gasps and runs to show her grandmother the unexpected treasure.

Meemaw opens the box, pales, drops it to the counter, and quickly leaves the room without looking at or speaking to her.

Her granddaughter follows her to the hall, where she finds Meemaw weeping soundlessly against the wall nearest the kitchen.

“Caroline, call your-”

She gasps and falls.

She never sees her awake again.

what is the…..



4 inches flacid

be good to her

ear line, linear listener, analytic lyric
Saint Veronica (Spanish)
The most beautiful girl ever and she is very understanding and there for the people she loves. She is trustworthy and very outgoing. You can have a good time with her.

really pretty and always is nice to everyone tries to show everyone the real her and shes shy sometimes

The literal latin translation is true image so she’s always true and loyal, never fake.

the best girl youll meet

beautiful and loyal

The coolest person you will ever meet.

Awesome and gorgeous

i think it means a beautiful person

Amazing and outgoing

Veronica (Portugese)

very smart, and doesn’t think much of herself

cute and smart


dont care what people thinks about her
type of flower
contemplating world domination
saint bernard
hydrogen, helium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, neon, iron, silicon, magnesium and sulfur.

frank and fireworks

10th Street….

“Hurry, get Frank! She’s waving a pistol on some lady’s porch!”

“Where is he?”

“Just find him!’

“Honey, what’s wrong? Put the gun down and tell me?”

“Your son beat my boy and took his twenty dollars. I want it back.”

“Here, take my twenty dollars. I just want to squash this.”

“NO, I want his!”

“He’s not here.”

She starts wailing and swinging the gun around the lady’s front porch.

Grady Avenue…

“Sounds like someone’s shooting off some fireworks,” she smiles.

marine martial arts

“You’re an ex Marine?”

“There’s no such thing as an EX Marine! How old are you?”


“My son is 21. I’ll tell the truth to save the devil. We were the first to go in, last to get out. I’m trained, fine, for death. I’m invincible, but a teardrop can kill me. You don’t know. You’re just a baby. How old are you?’

“19, sir.”

“My son is 21.”

silent american orders hamburger


I went to the Haiti hotel where Graham Greene used to go all the time. There were these great murals. They had buckled but had not fallen in the quake.

We decided to grab lunch. A guy who knew the spot well told us all that the avocado clubs were the best.

I wanted a hamburger. I had been thinking about it all day– a big juicy one…with a lot of bacon.

I was there with about forty Americans sitting roughly in the middle of the temporarily joined tables.

One by one they ordered avocado club sandwiches.

Around the tenth person with their stupid avocado club, my inner monologue fraught with insecurity and heightened by my temporary famine starts wondering.

Do they know something I don’t know?

My mind skips to the murals. What would Diego Rivera do? What type of lunch would “the people” want me to devour?

Solidarity or personal desire?

My mind jerks to how cows buckle and fall when shot with air darts before slaughter.

Why was the life of the cow more poignant to people than the life of the avocado?

The waiter looks at me; I open my mouth and stutter my choice.

The American next to me orders the hamburger.



as i grasp my huge lunch and shove it into me,

and the quiet american eats his tiny slider,

i realize avocado greene is people.


may you buckle but not fall.




X-ray Vision and Sub-Atomic Dream Particles

“That’s fantastic. That’s magnificent,” he exclaims as he fingers the cobalt blue medicine box she has handed him.

Fantastic? Magnificent?

Has he never seen a double rainbow?

Has he never seen a baby smile for the first time?

Has he never seen a sunrise after a dark night of the soul?

Well, these phenomena are just gas based illusions.

His medicines may make him solid.

I try to remove my look of disdain. It’s down to my left pinky nail as he finishes effusively thanking the box and looks at me.

I wonder if the medicine makes him see or see right through me.

“Gas dreams and x-ray vision… A nurse shouldn’t think such things,” she admonishes herself gently putting the rest of the pill boxes away.

noir writing prompt & contest: “Casablanca Knight?”

“The bar has been closed for some time now, the neon lights serve as a reminder that the place exists and I should come back in the daylight. I don’t think so. I have spent my hours this evening on a bar stool at another bar a few miles away. Seems like the flashing neon is a sign to the dark city that it’s time to wash away the troubles of today as a new morn is approaching..this is good news for me..as…..”


she enters the room. My eyes go up from the run in her hose to the grit in her eyes. I knew that look of hunger, lost pride, hope’s glimmer. There was a she before her who taught me the pain of approaching a flame that blinds such as love at first sight. The memory makes me shiver on the mid-June Casablanca night. I pretend to look at the broken clock above her head and turn away. Remembering.