enchillada kosher salt
gather amorphous shapes
on evening sun warmed glass.
i watch you lick your thumb and
gather it unto you
knowing your mouth’s heat.
“get that away from me.”
you interrupt your story about New Mexico,
succulents, and how your mother did your father
that one time.
and, your abuelita took you away,
“there are somethings a fifth grader should not see.”

Naked Confession

As we lay spent, naked, and intermingled, he confessed.

“For years, I never had a girl friend. And, I had housemates. And, on Friday and Saturday nights, the walls would almost cave in with all their fucking. And, I would be sitting in my room alone. It’s nice to have somebody to love. Especially, someone like –” he garbles his last word as he lightly sucks my hip.

It sounded like he said “Cain,” but I know he said “you.”