To Spring’s Return

The bluejay’s return relieves my soul’s winter.

Wary of me, he sings from a distance.

Home has not always been a sanctuary.

Last fall, our good-bye kiss was vampiric.


I don’t expect forgiveness or impact.

I only hope for your touch, time, space.

Stop fleeing or I’ll devolve to bluejay.

Implied condescension meant. You may fly,

but I’m sky in my lone universe spring.

Abandoned, I wail blush dogwood petals.


A tree without a forest, leaves unfurl.

Open, upward, plaintive palms begging note.

No visitors come, deep roots thin, brittle.

No connection, commune, family, flow.

I live as I gulp my solar  savior.

Hands close, eyes shut, deaf to blue jay’s new call.

Blooming has proved more painful than hiding.


Breathless, I shrink sensing late petals,

the light tunnel beyond spring’s tepid fires.


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