Our Pluto Tango

Our Pluto Tango

Dancing on rocks breaks my blood red Prada mule’s heel.
I bring my best shoe to compliment your Kuiper belt.
I never know how to mesh with you.

Ignoring my discomfort,
You continue to pull me
Around this unsociable plutoid.

Closer to the sun, fog surrounds us
adding an ethereal shroud
to our choreography.

Charon, Nix, Hydra,and the ugly sister
glimmer dimly through the dense clouds.

I close my eyes
swaying to the tinny music
dreaming private, methane dreams.

From Rio de la Plata to Pluto?
Why tango criollo on Pluto?

I think it apropos.
You slide me, a prisoner,
in and out of titles
and commitments.
A slave candombe.

One day you love me,
one day you don’t know me.
One day a planet,
one day…

Our fluid, impenetrable bond is a dwarf planet.


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