Faith’s Eyes

She knows I’ll kill it.


She has wide set eyes.


Wide set eye women are notoriously slow to react and laid back to a degree you think they are high.


She is a fool….a stupid fool.


And, with a glance, she knows my soul’s truth and the situation’s gravity.


I first think her eyes to be hazel, but they are dirt brown.


Brown eyes are a result of Fascist genes dominating and capitulating all other color expressions. The only hope for something beautiful when brown hangs around is mutation. Freak prettiness.


Stupid and plain.


Yes, I judge her as harshly as I am sure she is judging me as she commands me via eye contact to train my own eyes away from my guilty piss cup.


“May I pray for you while we wait?”


Unnerved, I nod.


She closes her dumb, ugly eyes and opens her previously ignored mouth whispering hope, salvation, and redemption.


She and I transform.


Perhaps, faith is best with her eyes closed not blind.


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